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Scuba Diving Around Gozo: An Overview

Gozo, the smaller sister island of Malta, is a premier destination for scuba diving, renowned for its crystal-clear waters, stunning underwater topography, and diverse marine life. The island offers a wide variety of dive sites that cater to all levels of diving expertise, from beginners to advanced divers, making it a favoured spot for diving enthusiasts worldwide.

Variety of Dive Sites

Gozo boasts an impressive range of dive sites, each offering unique underwater landscapes and experiences. The island’s dive sites include caves, tunnels, arches, and wrecks, providing a rich tapestry of underwater exploration. Some of the most famous dive sites around Gozo are:

  • Blue Hole: One of the most iconic dive sites, the Blue Hole is a natural rock formation that leads to an underwater arch and a vertical drop into the deep blue sea. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced divers due to its depth and the open water environment.
  • Inland Sea: This site features a unique tunnel that connects a shallow lagoon to the open sea. The tunnel, around 80 metres long, opens up into a spectacular marine landscape, making it suitable for divers of all levels, though novice divers should be accompanied by experienced guides.
  • Reqqa Point: Known for its underwater caves and diverse marine life, Reqqa Point is a popular site for advanced divers. The site features steep drop-offs and a variety of fish species, making it a thrilling dive.
  • Double Arch Reef: This dive site is characterised by two natural arches and an abundance of marine life. The reef starts at around 15 metres and drops to about 35 metres, making it accessible to intermediate and advanced divers.

Scuba diving in Gozo Malta Blue Hole Dive site

Unique Features of Dive Sites

Gozo’s dive sites are renowned for their unique geological formations and clear visibility, often exceeding 30 metres. The underwater topography includes dramatic drop-offs, stunning arches, and expansive cave systems that provide an awe-inspiring backdrop for dives.

  • Caves and Tunnels: Many of Gozo’s dive sites feature intricate cave and tunnel systems, such as the Cathedral Cave and the Coral Cave. These underwater structures are teeming with marine life and offer a sense of adventure and exploration.
  • Wrecks: For those interested in wreck diving, Gozo offers several shipwrecks, including the MV Karwela and MV Cominoland. These wrecks provide artificial reefs that attract a plethora of marine species, making them ideal for exploration and photography.

Marine Life Encounters

Diving around Gozo provides encounters with a diverse array of marine life. Divers can expect to see a variety of fish species, including groupers, barracudas, and moray eels. The reefs and caves are also home to octopuses, nudibranchs, and vibrant coral formations.

  • Seasonal Visitors: Depending on the season, divers might also encounter larger species such as tuna, amberjacks, and even the occasional dolphin or turtle. The underwater environment is rich and dynamic, offering something new to discover with every dive.

Depths and Accessibility

The depths of Gozo’s dive sites vary widely, accommodating different certification levels and experience.

  • Shallow Sites: Sites like Xlendi Bay are perfect for beginners, with shallow depths ranging from 5 to 15 metres and easy shore access.
  • Intermediate Sites: Sites such as the Inland Sea and Double Arch Reef range from 10 to 35 metres, suitable for those with intermediate certification.
  • Advanced Sites: Locations like Reqqa Point and the Blue Hole offer deeper and more challenging dives, with depths exceeding 40 metres, ideal for advanced divers with appropriate certification.

Atlantis Holiday Dive Course Packages

Dive Courses in Gozo

Gozo, the tranquil and picturesque island in the Maltese archipelago, is a premier destination for diving enthusiasts of all levels. The island boasts a variety of dive sites that cater to both beginners and seasoned divers, offering an underwater world rich with marine life, dramatic drop-offs, caves, and wrecks.

Atlantis Gozo: A Premier Diving Centre

Atlantis Gozo is a renowned 5-star PADI IDC (Instructor Development Centre) and BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) diver training centre, providing comprehensive diving education and experiences. Known for its exceptional facilities and highly experienced staff, Atlantis Gozo is a top choice for divers seeking both education and adventure.

Gozo Dive Courses Offered:

  1. Learn to Dive Courses:
    • PADI Open Water Diver: This course is the most popular entry-level diving certification, ideal for those new to diving. It covers the fundamentals of scuba diving, including dive theory, confined water skills, and open water dives.
    • BSAC Ocean Diver: Another excellent beginner course, this program provides a solid foundation in diving skills and safety procedures.
  2. Advanced Diver Lessons:
    • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver: Designed for those looking to enhance their skills, this course includes five adventure dives, such as deep diving and underwater navigation.
    • BSAC Sports Diver: This course builds on the Ocean Diver certification, offering more in-depth knowledge and skills, including decompression diving.
  3. Professional Diver Development:
    • PADI Divemaster: The first step in becoming a dive professional, the Divemaster course includes extensive dive theory, leadership training, and practical skills.
    • PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC): This program prepares candidates to become PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors, a prestigious and rewarding level of certification.

Dive Holiday Packages

Atlantis Gozo offers tailored dive holiday packages that ensure a seamless and enjoyable diving experience. These packages can include accommodation options, making it easy to plan the perfect diving vacation.

Accommodation Options:

  • Diver’s Lodge: A comfortable and convenient option, the Diver’s Lodge offers a home-like atmosphere with easy access to the dive centre.
  • Holiday Suites: For those seeking more luxurious accommodations, the Holiday Suites provide a blend of comfort and elegance, perfect for relaxing after a day of diving.

By choosing Atlantis Gozo for your diving holiday, you benefit from top-notch facilities, a dedicated team of experienced instructors, and the stunning underwater landscapes of Gozo. Whether you’re a novice diver looking to explore the underwater world for the first time, or an advanced diver aiming to further your skills, Atlantis Gozo offers the ideal environment for your diving adventures.


Gozo is a diver’s paradise, offering a diverse range of underwater landscapes, unique geological formations, and rich marine life. Whether you are a novice looking to take your first underwater breaths or an experienced diver seeking new adventures, Gozo’s dive sites provide an exceptional diving experience that caters to all levels. The island’s clear waters, varied dive sites, and vibrant marine ecosystems make it a must-visit destination for any scuba diving enthusiast.