Car Hire

Hiring a car or a jeep is a good alternative to using taxis or buses, the latter of which, although very cheap, on Gozo offer a rather irregular service. Moreover, divers who want to do unaccompanied diving must rent a car or jeep.
Finding your way round is relatively easy, as all main roads radiate out of the capital Victoria. Driving is on the left, overtaking on the right. You must bring with you a valid driver’s license from your country of origin. Rental agencies also require a signed credit card imprint as a deposit. Although one can hire a car with just third-party insurance, we always recommend full insurance.

Car Hire*

Nov to March: € 25.00
April to 14th June: € 27.00
15th June to Sept: € 32.00
October: € 27.00

Pickup Hire*

Nov to March: €44.00
April to 14th June: € 48.00
15th June to Sept: € 54.00
October: € 48.00

Jeep Hire*

Nov to March: € 36.00
April to 14th June: € 40.00
15th June to Sept: € 42.00
October: € 40.00

*Prices are at a daily rate and include full insurance. Excess is €200.00

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